Independence Day Celebrations

The focus is on Sri Lanka leading up to the 4 th of February every ear. The children learn all about their country and how proud they can be of their Sri Lankan heritage and traditions.!

Nursery Parade

In view of the Royal-Thomian big match, our little ones have their own Parade. Dressed in Blue and black, carrying their flags and banner they march around the quadrangle chanting “Go Thora Go”!

Avurudu & Sports Day

The Sports day and Avurudhu celebrations is usually the final event of the First Term. With the children and their teachers dressed in traditional Avurudhu attire it is a most colourful and memorable day. Both the students and their parents have the opportunity to participate in the games and events. Afterwards they can enjoy the […]

Book Week

The Book Week was looked forward to with great enthusiasm. It was a week exploring the wonderful world of books where characters were made real through imagination. The children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character and introducing themselves. Some even related the story their character was taken from, in detail. We had Aladdin […]

Art Exhibition

The second term ended with the art Exhibition. Displays of different art forms using numerous colours, textures and methods adorned the entire Nursery and parents and staff were invited to walk through and experience the sights and sounds of the “The Mighty Jungle.” The colourful and creative work produced by the children were most inspirational. The children […]

Novelty Days

Novelty Days such as Cricket Matches, Grandparents Day, Children’s day Celebrations, CookeryDays, Picnics, Field Trips, Health Days and more are organized to give all our students anunforgettable experience.

Annual Concert

The grand finale of the year is the concert. It is an opportunity for all family members of the students to see them on stage in their colourful costumes performing various items, selected and choreographed for them. It is a true “Blue Black Experience” which should not be missed.